40200-2 O-core transformer

O-core transformer

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40200-2 transformer's details:

o-core transrformer 40200-2 

Power: 200VA 

Primary Voltage:220V/50HZ 

Secondary Voltage
No-load Voltage:0V-9V-10V-11V-12V-13V-14V-15V

Load Voltage: 0V-8.56V-9.3V-10.1V-10.7V-11.6V-12.5V-13.2V/13.3A


size: Diameter×High=118×45

Length of Lead Wire: 200mm
Temperature Rise Test : ≤60°C
Insulation Capability:  Primary-Secondary :500VDC≥100MΩ

Dielectric Strength Test:: Primary-Secondary : 3750V 5mA 60s

40200-2 O-core  transformer's  fixing chart:

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