90050 Audio transformer

Audio transformer

Dibao Transformer CO., LTD as a China  audio transformer manufacturer has years of experiences in designing and manufacturing   audio transformers. You are welcome to contact us when seeking a professional audio transformer manufacturer. Our staffs would be pleased to help you settle the problems relating to the products' designs and orders.

90050 audio transformer's details:


Power: 50VA

Primary Voltage:529V

Secondary Voltage
No-load Voltage:0-14.2V-20V 

Frequency response:

Primary Resistance: 5.6K

Secondary Resistance: 0-4Ω-8Ω

Diameter: Length×Width×High=113mm×97mm×81mm
Length of Lead Wire: 300mm
Temperature Rise Test : ≤65°C
Insulation Capability:  Primary-Secondary :500VDC≥100MΩ

Dielectric Strength Test:: Primary-Secondary : 3750V 5mA 60s

Remark: The sample showed above is just one of our designs .For the other special requirements, you can view other  audio transformers products or send your specifications to us---A professional   audio transformer manufacturer from China. You will receive the reply from us very soon. With your full support, we would be your most reliable  audio  transformer manufacturer in the near future.

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